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New beginnings

The night sky looking south at Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area north of Buena Vista, Colorado. You can’t really tell from this photograph, but those rolling hills are mountains. Taking this photo at night, about an hour and a half into … Continue reading

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Map: Twin Cities life expectancies

Making this map turned out to be fun — at least after I had pulled much of my hair out dealing with KML issues. It’s published now (with context!) over at Short version: The darker the area, the shorter … Continue reading

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Photos: Budapest, Vienna’s big cousin down the Danube

The last of my weekend excursions from Vienna brought me to Budapest, a bigger, rougher and more beautiful version of Vienna. Rougher in that there are a lot of buildings that are crumbling, but more beautiful in the stunning panoramic … Continue reading

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Photos: The stunning views and unique beinhaus of Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a scenic little Alpine village in one of the most beautiful places on earth I’ve ever seen. A big thanks to a friend for telling me about it.

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Learning German: Why immersion trumps Duolingo

Ain’t no English translation in this German textbook. I wrote last week about how it’s important to know German in Austria. Since then, I’ve survived 12 hours of German language instruction (Deutsch sprachkurse) and I’ve noticed a key difference between … Continue reading

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