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Photos: The stunning views and unique beinhaus of Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a scenic little Alpine village in one of the most beautiful places on earth I’ve ever seen. A big thanks to a friend for telling me about it.

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Learning German: Why immersion trumps Duolingo

Ain’t no English translation in this German textbook. I wrote last week about how it’s important to know German in Austria. Since then, I’ve survived 12 hours of German language instruction (Deutsch sprachkurse) and I’ve noticed a key difference between … Continue reading

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Why knowing German is important to feeling at home in Austria

Don’t know German? In touristy places in Vienna like this pedestrian mall, that doesn’t matter. If you actually want to get to know someone on the other hand, doing it auf Deutsch is the way to go. Oh, the curse … Continue reading

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Merkel’s victory: Closer to American election style than European

Angela Merkel photo by World Economic Forum on Flickr German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s victory last night is the big news in Europe today. Reading through the day-after coverage though, how the election played out strikes me as being the exact … Continue reading

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When Americans admire Europe’s history, why don’t they know their own?

I arrived in Vienna last week for another journalism fellowship (thank you, ICFJ!) — this one will have me at the Wiener Zeitung (literally the Vienna Newspaper) until the end of October. They asked me to blog about the city, … Continue reading

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